If you like Zappa, Meshuggah, Fredrik Thordendal Special Defects, Mike Patton … this might be something for you!

CILICE ORCHESTRA, mix between djent metal riffs, arrangements for strings and horns, sonic soundscapes and room for ‘over de top improvisations’, live even more!

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CILICE ORCHESTRA? The Music? Thinking out of the box.  “I realised Immediately I wanted real strings on the tracks and started composing while continuing my work on the other arrangements. We recorded all guitars, bass and drums hereby completing the tracks of our band. I invited some great musicians I know, active in Jazz, World and Klezmer music, for some additional recording sessions at Warning Studios”. -Theo Holsheimer


Theo Holsheimer: music, guitar, soundscapes, programming sequenser/mix
Oene van Geel: viola
Ben Mathot: violin
Joao Driesen: tenor sax
Remko Smid: tenor sax
Gijs Levelt: trumpet
Dirk Beets: trumpet
Frans Cornelissen: trombone
PieterJan Cramer van den Boogaart: accordion
Jasper de Beer: double bass
Simon Lawford: electric bass
Philipp Moser: drums
Nils Krook: acoustic guitar
Bryan Ramage: additional scream
David Kox: additional synths/strings/mix (Kox&Ramak Studio)
Bjørn Warning: recording/mix (Warning Studios)


MEERTONEN (the organization,whom made this project possible):                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Theo Holsheimer and his band CILICE, with the addition of horns and samples, performed live at the anniversary festivities. Because the event was such an overwhelming, outstanding and vibrant show, Theo decided to write additional compositions for various other instruments to be able to record this wonder. A number of talented musicians, of whom many have performed at ‘Nieuw en Meer’ over the years, played parts during the recording sessions. The sessions resulted in three tracks that exceeded everyone’s expectations. From this, the CILICE ORCHESTRA was born.

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