Hey all, wondering what CILICE ORCHESTRA sounds like?

I’ll post some soundsnippets soon!!!

Wondering what’s CILICE ORCHESTRA all about, the story behind this beast? Yeah absolutely, there is a strong connection with my band CILICE, but the music I wrote for this project is instrumental, more orchestrated and I invited the finest jazz musicians from the Netherlands to make a contribution on this album. So, that’s right, the music is not strictly metal, djent or whatever, but it’s pretty intense for sure, a rollercoaster. The djenty polyrhytmic guitar riffs, what CILICE is known for, are still there, but hey…. it’s me … Theo Holsheimer, founder and guitarplayer off CILICE. If you wanna know more about this beast, check the CILICE ORCHESTRA pages on my website. You can read about how the whole project started and the amazing musicians who participated in the project.

If you would like to support me, I’ll appreciate very much. Just like CILICE ORCHESTRA on Facebook or order the CILICE ORCHESTRA album, a hardcopy, the real thing. The artwork is such a piece of art, I wanna share this with you all.

Pre-order the album: go to the contact page and send me an e.mail. I’ll get back to you.

You can follow or like CILICE ORCHESTRA on facebook https://www.facebook.com/CiliceOrchestra

More hot news is coming up soon, stay tuned!

horns up! Peace!!

– Theo

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