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I had a good chat with music journalist Patrick Lamberts for this Dutch Guitar magazine GITARIST. We spoke about gear, guitars, how the whole project CILICE ORCHESTRA started, all the in and outs.   Guitars and gear? For the rhythm guitar parts on the recordings for CILICE ORCHESTRA album I used my old trusty Checter stratocaster (1985), only the bridge pick up, a Bare Knucle Aftermath. For the lead parts I played my green Fender stratocaster (1992), bridge pickup Jeff Beck Seymour Duncan. For the rhythm guitars I used the real deal. For 75%  it’s the Diezel Herbert and 25% the Almwood, it seems a perfect match for this album. We were really focussed on the guitar sound, which has to blend smoothly with all the brass and strings. For the leads I used my Fractal FX Ultra, just only one patch, keep it simple. That’s it, no pedals and extra’s. Save that for the next recordings lol… By the way, thumbs up to Middas Verburg, who shot this nice pict, me and my green fender, and in the back this nice tag from Pipsqueekwashere, the same artists who did this amazing album artwork.

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