Mendoza Dance Parti -Speedy Chicken (1995)


  1. Speedy Chicken
  2. Juicy Dance
  3. Stop the Press
  4. Floorkiller
  5. Slow&Greedy
  6. Pumpin' Peanuts
  7. Hyper Chase
  8. Peace Groove
  9. Intro Dish ( horns reprise)
  10. Side Dish
  11. Stranded Duck
  12. What's Up? (live)
  13. Hip Steps (live)
  14. Freestyle (live)
  15. Uptown Bounce (live)

Theo Holsheimer: guitar, Patrick Kushel: bass, Victor de Boo: drums, Frans Cornelissen: trombone, Ben Mendes: sax, Danny Kepel: keys, Monique Bakker: vocals, Georgio Bletterman: drums on track 12,13,14,15

Album Reviews

Mendoza consists of seven characters: seven letters and seven musicians. Every member adds different styles of music into this melting pot called 'Speedy Chicken', linking Sly&The Family Stone to Jazz, linking Janis Joplin to Funk and linking the seventies sound of 'rare grooves' to the dancefloor rhythms of the nietes. To give a good impression of the Mendoza's on stage, listen to the four cookie live tracks recorded in Berlin during their German Tour 1995
Sjeng Stokkink, Update Magazine